5 Questions to Evaluate your Records v. Documents Management Practices

Documents, documents everywhere.  But which are the records, which are documents—what is the difference and why does it matter? Even start-up medical device companies are neck deep in documentation.  In addition to documents generated during the creation and production of a product or combination device, additional documentation is generated while working with the FDA Q-Subs,...
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Combination Products Consulting

Take the Document Control System Quiz (SPOILER: it’s pass/fail there’s no partial credit)

How do you know your Document Control System is working properly within your medical device company? Take this quick Document Control Health Check-UpQuestionnaire: Do you approve (via wet or electronic signature) documents prior to issue? If you use electronic signatures, have you thoroughly assessed their function for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance? Do your documentchanges...
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Regulating Medical Devices Shapes Industry for the Better

This article originally appeared in Business Worldwide magazine. It’s fashionable to be anti-regulation in business today. But sometimes regulation is central to how a sector operates. We talk to Rita King, CEO of MethodSense and Russ King, President of MethodSense about why regulating medical devices and biotech/pharma companies is so critical. Most devices and innovations need to...
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MethodSense Inc. CEO WiMethodSense Inc. CEO Wins Global Leadershipns Global Leadership Award with Business Worldwide Magazine

We are pleased to announce that CEO Rita King was named “Healthcare CEO of the Year – USA” by Business Worldwide Magazine. Full text of the press release is below… LONDON, October 4, 2018 /PRNewswire. The chief executive of life science consulting firm MethodSense has gained global recognition for outstanding leadership in the Business Worldwide Magazine...
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