Employee Spotlight – Growing into place

Growing into place

Vanessa Katich, Quality & Safety Engineer

I came into this role without a lot of experience or knowledge about how to take a product to market. I learned a little in school through various design projects, but nothing to this level. So, when first staring out here, I wasn’t very sure of myself. But, as I continued to learn and practice things, I definitely gained more confidence.

One of the reasons I really enjoy working at MethodSense is the cooperative team environment. Everyone is very positive and willing to help. Eventually, I’d like to become a project lead and help fellow employees—and new employees as they come in—to work on projects and be able to teach them what I’ve been learning. Really, the best way to solidify what you know is by helping others, teaching them, and working collaboratively. I’m excited to continue to grow in my career here at MethodSense.

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