Employee Spotlight – Merging paths

Merging paths

Matt Lothspeich, Quality & Safety Engineer

I’m in a newly designed role at MethodSense, where I’m doing 50% engineering and 50% sales. So, I’m able to carry on with my education focus of engineering, but I’m also learning about sales, which I haven’t had that much experience with. It’s a unique opportunity.

Sales is a lot like a conversation—you get to learn about the other person, and they get to learn about you. Being able to do this on a daily basis is very exciting. There’s always something to do, always something on my plate. I’m able to bounce between projects, and it’s exciting because I get to learn about several different things each day.

MethodSense is a smaller, tight-knit community—it’s like family, really. We always look out for each other. What I really love is that we’re all very positive people. So even after a long, challenging day’s work, you can leave at the end of it feeling great. You’ll always have a smile on your face.

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