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LuminLogic – Document Management Software

Document Management Software




LuminLogic is a 21 CFR Part 820 compliant document management solution designed specifically with the life science industry in mind. Our SaaS platform utilizes database technology to address content management, project management, issue and incident management, and collaborator management in industries where content auditability and controls are desired. We offer a pre-configured option, or we can design the software structure to meet your business needs.

MethodSense created LuminLogic to deliver regulatory and quality services, creating a secure environment for the delivery of critical data and sensitive information and enabling compliance, efficiency and team collaboration. By using this technology, we ensure customers are:

  • Supported with business market analysis, project management, planning development and project implementation
  • Supported by a validated system that meets international compliance requirements
  • Provided e-business solutions utilizing custom or non-custom software to convert their business processes into web-based applications

By implementing LuminLogic, regulated businesses can ensure they are meeting their industry requirements.