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We are pleased to announce that CEO Rita King was named “Healthcare CEO of the Year – USA” by Business Worldwide Magazine. Full text of the press release is below…
Medical Device Regulatory Compliance Experts - Rita King
LONDON, October 4, 2018 /PRNewswire. The chief executive of life science consulting firm MethodSense has gained global recognition for outstanding leadership in the Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) 2018 CEO Awards. Rita King was named Healthcare CEO of the Year USA for her sterling work at the helm of the North Carolina-based company. The 2018 Business Worldwide CEO Awards identify and honour the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. Unlike many business awards that focus on the overall achievements of specific companies, the approach here is to focus instead on the personalities at their helm, inspiring others to achieve similar successes. MethodSense offers life science and medical device regulatory compliance; guiding medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies and supporting them through the commercialisation process and beyond. It’s an industry that’s notoriously difficult to navigate, with many submissions taking years to be approved by regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Through their comprehensive methods, MethodSense assists in all aspects of regulation, compliance and commercialization efforts. MethodSense seeks to simplify the process of bringing, or keeping, a medical device or combination product to market, enabling them to commercialize their innovations. In a career spanning more than 26 years, Rita King has garnered an impressive international reputation as a regulatory expert. She has participated in numerous national and international committees and is a founding member of the Underwriters Laboratories team. A highly sought-after speaker, her thoughts on regulatory matters have been published around the globe, and her unparalleled approach to problem solving resonates throughout the company.
MethodSense CEO Award Winner 2018
“What differentiates MethodSense is our strong staff of biomedical engineers and technologists who not only understand the regulations but very quickly become experts on the products we support,” she told Business Worldwide Magazine. “The second and very critical differentiator is our people-focused approach to clients. MethodSense invests in understanding the client, the client’s future and individual team members. Through this understanding, and coupled with our regulatory and technical skills, we deliver services that meet the client’s specific needs.”
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