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Medical Device Quality Certification

ISO 13485 Quality Certification is required for medical device companies as a qualification to market medical devices in most non-US markets.

Like all quality standards, ISO 13485 requirements can, if implemented incorrectly, create unnecessary inefficiencies and costs. MethodSense’s experience ensures your adoption of ISO 13485 leverages your current FDA compliance efforts or is implemented in the most practical way possible.

If you are a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) working with or planning to work with the Medical Device industry, ISO 13485 Certification or implementing ISO 13485 compliant processes can give you a competitive advantage. Medical Device companies actively seek out partners that understand and support their compliance needs, and we can help you get there.

MethodSense’s successful ISO 13485 implementations led to Quality Certification and:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced audits
  • Enhanced marketing efforts
  • Promoted international trade
  • Met increased demand from customers
  • Improved internal management of QMS

What are the impacts of AI on Medical Devices?

Machine learning is helping in the management of chronic diseases by monitoring patients and automating the methods of treatment delivery using connected mobile apps.

For example, There is AI-powered automatic medicine dispensing systems that accurately deliver insulin to diabetes patients based on their body condition.

AI-driven medical platforms are being integrated into scanning devices for improved image clarity and reliable clinical outcomes. These tools help in reducing exposure to harmful radiation.

For example, AI-enabled CT scans of liver and kidney help in a highly accurate diagnosis without the possibility of human error.

AI and machine learning-powered technologies adapt and optimize the performance of various devices in real-time. It helps in improving health care and diagnosis for patients.

These technologies power a specific set of software that is used to diagnose, treat, or cure, mitigate, or prevent diseases without getting integrated into any hardware medical devices.

AI helps in continuous patient monitoring keeping track of multiple parameters using wearables and biosensors like glucose, ECG, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters. These tools monitor patients with high accuracy and generate valuable data that is used in improving healthcare systems.

Nanorobots and digital pills help in monitoring medication adherence.

AI-powered IoT devices seamlessly connect with medical devices and smartphones and generate loads of insightful data. This data helps in reducing dependency on heavy stationary medical devices. These AI-powered IoT and medical devices connect with Cloud to transfer all the data generated that can be safely analyzed to improve healthcare systems.

Computer chips are increasingly becoming quicker and smaller. These smaller chips allow AI algorithms to analyse the data produced by IoT and wearable devices without first offloading it to the cloud.

These chips have lightning-fast processing speeds and can generate notifications and alerts crucial for keeping a tab on the vitals of the patients.

AI-powered systems and mobile apps that are linked to digitized glucose meters record blood sugar levels of diabetic patients in real-time. Such apps are extremely helpful in keeping track of diet, medication, and exercises of the patients.

All the data recorded by such apps is safely stored in a centralized location and can be used for monitoring patient health and giving doctors more options, accuracy, and control in medical cases.

AI-Enabled wearables and IoT devices help in monitoring the vitals of patients and trigger notifications, alerts, and reminders based on those vital signs. The information generated by these AI-enabled medical devices is extremely helpful in the early-stage diagnosis of diseases.

Why AI Consulting company for Medical Devices & Why are we the best?

Our Artificial Intelligence frameworks are increasingly becoming capable of animating human intuition. These capabilities of our AI systems generate crucial information and deep insights that help in improving healthcare systems.

These AI programs can obtain data, process the information based on pre-defined parameters, and generate high quality and accurate results and insights to enabling doctors to provide effective care quickly. 

When we start working with you, we rapidly customize AI technology for your business-specific medical devices. We conduct experiments using small-scale systems to integrate the most compatible version of the AI technology with your devices. We can help you improve and update your existing AI-enabled devices as per the latest advancements in the field of AI.

Our team of skilled experts assesses your current processes, operations, technology, and workflow to figure out how AI integration can improve the efficiency of your business. Quick mockups help us gather relevant feedback and requirements to create a roadmap for your project. This roadmap includes deliverables, estimated timelines, and costs to build AI apps.

All of our business transactions are transparent and straightforward. We educate our clients on applications of Machine Learning and AI. We use open-source tools to work efficiently and to build trust in the minds of our clients as we feel transparent and positive working partnerships go a long way.

Our skilled team has experienced Data Wranglers, BI Developers, Analysts, Visualizers, and MS certified .NET and SharePoint developers who help us in delivering innovative and cutting-edge healthcare tools business solutions to solve difficult problems.

Our experts help our clients build flexible and efficient practical tools, software, and systems optimized for their business needs. We aim to provide you with medical device solutions that are scalable, reliable, and use the most updated technology to keep your profits margins high.

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