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Meet FDA Requirements

Meet FDA Requirements for Medical Device Company Compliance Most medical device executives know they need FDA clearance to legally market and promote their product in the U.S. Beyond FDA approval, understanding how to effectively commercialize a medical device product means adapting to industry and legal expectations for operating as a medical device company. These expectations...
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How to Structure a Medical Device Company

How to Structure a New Medical Device Business

There’s More to Being a Medical Device Business than IP and R&D An emerging medical device business tends to focus their energy on product development and R&D. This is understandable because medical device founders are often first experienced innovators. As innovators, there’s a natural affinity to maintain a continued focus on product development and maturation....
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Life Science Cloud Vendor Selection

Life Science Cloud Vendor Selection Part 2

Technology Strategies to Ensure Benefits and Mitigate Risk Options to Discuss with your Life Science Cloud Vendor Cloud computing is defined to have several deployment models, each of which provides distinct trade-offs which are migrating applications to a cloud environment. NIST defines the cloud deployment models as follows: Private cloud: The cloud infrastructure is operated...
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